Franchise Story

Franchise Story

2018-04-03 Rahat Ali 0 Franchise

**Franchise Pakistan ** (Franchise services Pvt Ltd) The Market place of franchises

Buying & Selling of franchises and providing a single platform of free information, promotion, & counselling for investors, franchisee & franchisers.

Our story:

We are Educationist, professionals, business group members, and off course entrepreneurs working as a team and running this platform of franchise Pakistan. Franchise Pakistan is a product of franchise services Pvt Ltd, registered with SECP & IPO. Initiated in Peshawar city as our main office & dealing with all the brands in Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan. We do exchange of brands by approaching foreign brands to establish in Pakistan as well as local brands to establish in abroad. And also, finding foreign investor for our local brands and local investors for a foreign brands.

The founder & director of Mr Shakeel Iqbal along with co-founder & CEO Mr Zahid Iqbal initiated & develop the idea of establishing franchises as Mr Shakeel Iqbal was network associate or Rehman group of travels. And Mr Zahid Iqbal is network associate of allied school system and they both manage to secure franchises for their prospective franchisers. Than they established main office in Deans trade centre Peshawar on 2017 where we initiated & compiled franchise Pakistan project with the help of mentors & project manager.

We have faced a lot of challenges in terms of creating technical, financial & human resources. Implementation & execution of our domain is still our major obstacle to climb and we are facing a lot of criticism in term of operational model of our business. As our idea is to automate & barrier free facilitation & information to both franchiser’s & franchisee by bringing them together. So, for that reason a sustainable model is a hard task. As we took this critic on board & refine our business model by regular feedback & regular updates by messages, phone calls, WhatsApp & web portal comments.

Our objective was initially to develop franchising concept in Pakistan where we know we have a lot of good quality businesses of different products & services but a little concept of franchising as an option to expand business. We wanted to enable Pakistani market to grow fast with this American concept of franchising, As American federal trade commission defines: “franchising is a method of doing business by which the franchisee is granted the right to engage in the business of offering, selling or distributing goods or services under a marketing plan or system prescribed in substantial part by a franchisor & which is substantial part by a franchisor and which is substantially associated with the franchisor’s trademark, name, logo or advertising”.

As we know in Pakistan we do not have regulations in term of franchising as many brands doesn’t have operation manual & SOP because it doesn’t matter if you have all the documents without regulations. So, our main goal is to penetrate our local brands in to franchise market so let the market decide of our value we add to the society. We can always facilitate any brand or business to become franchise model by connecting consultants & business experts of the relevant industries to them from our shared resources. Our focal point is to keep it simple & crisp, that we work as facilitators, promoters, & providers of only franchise services in Pakistan.


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