Chiragh Fashion

Chiragh Fashion

2018-04-03 Rahat Ali 0 Franchise

Chiragh Fashion Story:

Chiragh Fashion was actually the passion of one man, the owner & founder of this brand Mr Rafique Shad. Also for the love of his grandfather and name was suggested by his youngest son after many suggestions. As the famous Latin Saying is “Govern your passion or they will govern you”. So Mr. Shad couldn’t resist his passion for very long as he was working as a business consultant for many other clothing brands and he worked hard to create others brands of a same products but he couldn’t do what he wanted to do in terms of designing & stitching of cloths for consumers.

One day he decides to invest of his three months saving in to his own passion and buy all those cut pieces & hire his own tailor for the design he wants. It was not an easy thing to do as he has limited budget. One day he had only 30Rs left to spend out of his savings as his passion made suffer all of his family too. After many suggestion & consultations he decides to launch his product to make his passion sustainable. And so, he launched his product in Multan under the name of boutique 7 as we were 7 members of our team.

He started that business in Multan on eid day and that has some success in the beginning but he soon realised of the flaws in stitching & designing process so had to close down with 50% close down sale. After thorough revamp of the business structure he completely change the design and stitching process and invested almost everything to buy more stitching machines & created our designing team and launched this new brand of Chiragh Fashion.

Ist outlet was in Lahore but it didn’t worked out as our manufacturing was in Multan & Outlet was a bit far in Lahore. So, we had the management issues so for that reason He moved his outlet to Multan where it was a great success. Then took his 2nd Outlet in Multan which also become our trade mark and trust for the customers of Multan. That didn’t stop his dream to become a quality brand but to expand it as a franchise model.

Franchise Pakistan team which is the official marketing partner of chiragh fashion, helped & support the chiragh fashion team of marketing to established our new outlets in Swat, Peshawar, and Haripur, and we are soon starting our operations in Karachi on flagship. Now we are aiming to become largest fashion industry in Pakistan as well as outside Pakistan.


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